CRP 3230 - Pine Bluff Bridge No. 2609 Scour Repair

This work provides for the improvement of the Pine Bluff Road Bridge No. 2609 located in Section 18 in Township 26 N. Range 42 E.W.M. by stabilizing the Coulee Creek slopes below the bridge by, this will be accomplished by; installing short cast-in-place concrete walls anchored to bedrock at the bases of the slopes, placing shotcrete on the slopes with soil/rock anchors, anchoring habitat boulders to bedrock at the base of the slopes and placing rip rap along the channel edges and walls. Included are; rock excavation, concrete Class 4000., steel reinforcement, epoxy-coated steel reinforcement shotcrete, rock anchors, streambed sediment and other work.
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09 - Soil Anchor Details 1.1 MB
10 - West Fascia Wall Reinforcing 841.4 KB
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