Mead-Mt. Spokane Sewer Extension Package 2 Project No. 226C

This Public Works Project is for the construction of the Mead-Mt. Spokane (MMS) Sewer Extension Package 2 which proposes to install approximately 3,000 LF of ductile iron 6-inch dual sewer force mains (total 6,000 LF); approximately 3,300 LF of 8-inch gravity sewer main; approximately 4,300 LF of 10-inch gravity sewer main; 290 LF of 12-inch gravity sewer main; 31 sewer manholes; 42 side sewer stubs; 12,700 square yards of pavement removal and replacement; 8,850 square yards of gravel roadway; appurtenances; street and property restoration; and other related work. The project includes three trenchless undercrossings of State Highway 206.
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